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Recycled Sweater Yarn June 11, 2006

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YarnI bought a cotton sweater for 75 cents and a sweater made out of wool sock yarn with nylon in it for 50 cents. In order to recycle sweater yarn, you should follow a few simple steps, I don’t claim to know everything, but here are a few tips for recycling sweater yarn: You have to turn the sweater inside out and check the seams to make sure it can be unraveled. If the side seams are serged, it's been cut and you'll end up with a bunch of little strings. I also found out to check the shoulder seams. A lot of times they are serged and there is a piece of fabric in there. It's almost impossible to get that out, so if you want to take the time and carefully cut as close to the seam as you can, you won't lose too much yarn. The thread holding the side and sleeve seams together can just be unravelled in one big piece usually if you start at the bottom of the sleeve. I found a seam ripper (very cheap at Wal-Mart) is best to cut the seam threads. I wind my yarn straight onto a yarn winder. You can make a ball but we're talking 15 minutes versus about at least an hour!! Lastly, a lot of people say to wash the yarn before you wind it. I just wind it first and then will wash the finished project. I have never had the little wiggles in the yarn from it being previously used cause me problems while crocheting.


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