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I heart… September 3, 2006

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There are some people you just love to be around. There are some people who make you laugh. There are some people who you just “click” with. That’s how I feel about Sunny and how I’ve felt about her since the first time we met. Everyone has that one girlfriend that just speaks their same language.  I have had many friends…still have many friends.  What is the difference between a friend and a sister?  Technically, a sister is a blood relative, a friend is not.  I have several VERY GOOD Friends, the kind that you could talk to every day or once a year, maybe once every other year, and no matter what…you are still the best of friends.  Those, are the greatest friends.  I believe there is one that is just a step above that…what is that kind of friend called?  I believe most people say…its your best friend.  I wonder if it is not…actually, I believe it’s more!

Sunny is one of those people who opens up and gives you the world!  She is one of the most selfless people I know.  This sometimes comes to her detriment.  Sunny is also very Creative!  Sunny has a great blog,  and a great website…check them out…

Sunny’s Blog:

Sunny’s website:


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