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Goal Setting for Scrapbooking October 15, 2006

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Some of the best free scrapbooking tips one can learn involve goal setting! Yep, you read it right.  There are so many aspects to scrapbooking, so many supplies and pages that it’s nearly impossible to complete a great scrapbook without goals.

Goal Setting For Scrapbooking:

Always set goals that are attainable and make small steps in order to reach your goals.  Once you have reached your goal, make more.

Remember, you are only human you may forget, so write them down. If you don’t reach your goal, think about what you did well and how you can improve next time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the big picture; focus only on small attainable goals.

Write specific goals at the beginning of each year. These goals could include:

•Amount of albums to start


•Specific Albums You Will Complete

•Baby – 1 7×7 for each set of grandparents

•Pregnancy – 1 for baby, 1 for yourself

•Vacation – 1 for yourself – 1 7×7 for each child

•Christmas – 1 12×12

These could be your big goals for the year. Write out the steps you need to take to reach each goal.

Goals should have deadlines. Make yourself accountable.

Be patient with yourself, keep going when you don’t feel inspired. Just change the scenery, read a book, & get ideas from different sources.

Example of Goal Setting

Goal 1 – Vacation Album – 1 12×12 for family and 1 7×7 for each child.

Each month I will sit down and commit to a 2-page layout in each album. Plus, I will do the borders for next month’s layouts.
Goal 2 – Pregnancy Album – 1 12×12

Each month I will sit down and commit to a 2-page layout. I will take pictures of all major events like hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, or your first visit to the doctors office.

After you have written out all of your goals, keep the sheet handy in your scrapbooking workspace and cross off each goal as you complete it.