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The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community December 2, 2006

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I have two children who are hard of hearing.  I recently received an email entitled “How will Sign Language Survive?”  This peaked my curiosity.  I had to read more. 

Jaime Berke at’s Your Guide to Deafness, had this to say:

We know that sign language will survive (it is too popular to die out completely) but I am wondering how well it will survive as more deaf babies receive cochlear implants and hear well enough that they do not need sign language as they grow up. Are we going to see a marked reduction in sign language use in the next generation? This question was brought to my mind by the article link posted by LoopyLes on the forum. The article, a New Scientist magazine article, starts off with “COULD the end of sign language for deaf children be in sight?”

After reading this article, and inserting my own viewpoint, I came to the conclusion that most of us hearing people don’t understand enough about the deaf world to give the assumption that there may not be a deaf community.  I had a lot of mixed feelings about this article, but after reading it, I thought that I should pass this along for others to read.



One Response to “The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community”

  1. Maria Toth Says:

    My friend teaches sign language and also does interpreting for the hard of hearing…

    Is an interesting point raised here

    God bless
    maria in the UK

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