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Scrapbook Answers…. January 7, 2007

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Have any of you heard?  I had not until just recently, but Scrapbook Answers Magazine is no longer going to be in print.  I had thought that all the girls in my small town and bought the copies and that I was going to have to go check it out at one of their homes.  But, I was wrong!  There will be no more issues.  This is so sad to me…I thought that they were the Very Best magazine out there!!  It is always the first one I buy, then I determine how much I really want the other ones, or I just go to my girlfriends house, and read theirs!  Here is a link that I feel is very important for any avid reader/fan of Scrapbook Answers to read: .  I thought that this was an important letter to read, to get the details straight!  I hope that we find these girls and their staff back in a place where we can all enjoy their talents again!!


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