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Busy? Blogging? Writing…. January 26, 2008

I have so neglected my little blog here, and hope to get around to posting on a normal basis this year.  I currently write for several other clients which leaves me very little time.  I was able to hire some of my personal work out for my other sites, in order to help me catch up and get into a more regular posting schedule.  Hopefully that will allow me to post here on a more frequent basis.

 Currently, I have 3 sites, of which are:,, and  I also help my husband with his sites, and the sites of his partners, and those sites are listed below:

Bill’s Personal sites:

OSA Blog

OSA Forum

Bill’s & Partners Sites:

All of these sites are Authorities in their niche.  If you are looking for information and resources on keeping your children safe, online security, online dating and relationships, ID Theft, taking care of Aging Parents, a place to discuss online security issues and a place to discuss issues with MySpace and other social networking sites, craft and hobbies, resources for small businesses, answers to craft and hobby questions, online resources for mormon helps and many other resources visit one of the above sites, and watch here at my blog for resources and musings for me.