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Family Reunions August 21, 2006

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 Family Reunion

I typically like to write things that are useful and inspiring.  My life doesn’t fit into that category, but, I got some pics from my cousin and thought it would be fun to share! 

Not all of the family was there, but, those who were there enjoyed themselves!  My kids loved it!  Isn’t it good when one family member takes the time and puts forth the effort to do something that others may have thought of doing, but never gave it their full attention?  Thanks to Audrey, we were able to enjoy each other’s company and take some much needed time to visit with each other!  Thank you Audrey!!!  You are the Woman! 

Also, my uncle did a little geneology quiz for us, and I thought it would be inspiring to those of you out there who enjoy finding, sharing and encouraging others to learn more about their family!

Here is the quiz:



1. What ancestor received a blessing, while sick, from the Prophet Joseph Smith?

2. Name two ancestors who lived in Nauvoo.

3. Name two ancestors who were Handcart pioneers.

4. Name one ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War – for the British.

5. Name one ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War – for the Colonies.

6. Name one ancestor who was befriended by a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

7. Name an ancestor who was baptized in the early 1830’s.

8. Name an ancestor who was baptized in the 1840’s.

9. Name one ancestor who had a neighboring farm to Joseph Smith in Nauvoo.

10. Name one ancestor who served in the Mormon Battalion.

11. Name one ancestor who was a ward missionary companion with Martin Harris’s son.

12. Name one ancestor couple who were endowed in the original Nauvoo Temple.

13. Name one pioneer ancestor who arrived by wagon train in SLC in 1847.


1. John Anthony Woolf III (born February 27, 1843, PPMU pg 1262) see SDB pg 2

2. Lot Smith, John Anthony Woolf, Sarah Ann DeVoe Woolf, William Hyde, Elizabeth Howe

Bullard (see HNLRRC)

3. Ellen Harrod & Charles Harrod daughter (age 21) and father (Edmond Ellsworth Company of 1856) see


4. Anthony Woolf I (born 1761, Pressed to serve with British as Hessian Soldier) see BJAW pg 1

5. Anthony Woolf I (deserted British Army & joined the Revolutionary Army) ibid pg 1

6. Anthony Woolf I, befriended by Lewis Morris (ibid, became U.S. Citizen 27 January 1797) ibid pg 1

7. William Hyde (Born: September 11, 1818; baptized: April 7, 1834) LDSBE pg 759

8. Sara Ann Devoe Woolf (born 10 April 1814, baptized May 20, 1841 see SDB pg 2; also see PPMU pg 1262)

9. John Anthony Woolf Jr. (born 1805 see PPMU pg 1262; MN Vol. II, pg 1400)

10. William Hyde (16 July 1846, Second Sergeant; 20 July 1847, Captain see LDSBE vol. pg 760),

Lot Smith (Lot was age 16 and a Private, in Company E see CHMB pg 125; also see LDSBE vol. 1 pg 803-4)

11. John Anthony Woolf III (born February 27, 1843 see PPMU 1262) see affidavit signed by Milton H. Woolf

12 William Hyde & Elizabeth Howe Bullard (23 December 1845, see Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register);

John Anthony Woolf II & Sarah Ann Devoe (10 January 1846 see Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register)

13 John Anthony Woolf II, Sarah Ann Devoe, children: Absolom, Sarah Ann, James, Hanna

Eliza, Isaac, John A., & Andrew (see HTW Vol. 8 pgs 428 – 429, PPMU pg 1262, and MPOT)


PPMU = Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah

SDB = Sarah Ann Devoe Biography manuscript, 1935 by her niece Phyllis Ascroft Scholes and Mildred Daines

HNLRRC = Historic Nauvoo Land and Records Research Center: Hancock County Townships, Nauvoo & Carthage map

MPOT = Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868 @

BJAW = Biography of John Anthony Woolf Jr. manuscript by his niece Phyllis Ascroft Scholes and Mildred Daines

LDSBE = Latter Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia

MN = Mormons and their Neighbors, Vol. II, 1984

CHMB = A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War

HTW = Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter DUP SLC Utah 1947 Volume 8