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Vintage Scrapbooking September 23, 2007

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Anissa’s Vintage Scrapbooking Layout

I was over at my girlfriends house last night, she had called me over to give me  a truckload of Scrapbooking stuff, and we got talking about scrapbooking and how most of us don’t have money to go out every month and buy all the latest and greatest tools, paper, and embellishments.  Sunny, my girlfriend, said that she was going to post on her blog about Vintage Scrapbooking.  It got me to thinking about what the defenition of Vintage Scrapbooking was.  Honestly, I really like Sunny’s version, but, I see that other people might have a different definition. 

Vintage Scrapbooking:  Using up all the old scrapbooking products that you have in your stash!  And, not having to go out and buy all the new stuff, unless its used to incorporate into your vintage scrapbooking layout!

In the little over 15 years that I have been a serious scrapbooker, I have accumulated thousands of items whether its paper, stickers (of which I have been collecting for nearly 30 yrs), embellishments, and albums (and anything else you can think of).  There are so many things like a certain paper that I wish they would have brought back into production, or a sticker or die cut, or now, some of the ribbon and other embellishments.  I think there should be a call put out to all manufacturers past and present to bring back some of the older “Vintage Scrapbooking” products that we have all loved!  I also see the need to use some of the “Vintage” products that I have been saving and thinking I would use someday, but still haven’t had the heart to use yet.

For more information or if you have questions about crafts or hobbies, visit: AskAnissa

Also, Visit Sunny’s FaithBooking site and forum, you won’t be sorry!


Scrapbooking Clearance Sale!! January 14, 2007

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Have you ever been to one of those Scrapbooking Clearance Sales….that were just too good to be true??  Well, Beary Patch is having a HUGE Sale, over $300,000 dollars of inventory is on clearance!  This is definitely time to buy!!

Visit for their sale and for product ideas.


Scrapbook Answers…. January 7, 2007

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Have any of you heard?  I had not until just recently, but Scrapbook Answers Magazine is no longer going to be in print.  I had thought that all the girls in my small town and bought the copies and that I was going to have to go check it out at one of their homes.  But, I was wrong!  There will be no more issues.  This is so sad to me…I thought that they were the Very Best magazine out there!!  It is always the first one I buy, then I determine how much I really want the other ones, or I just go to my girlfriends house, and read theirs!  Here is a link that I feel is very important for any avid reader/fan of Scrapbook Answers to read: .  I thought that this was an important letter to read, to get the details straight!  I hope that we find these girls and their staff back in a place where we can all enjoy their talents again!!


Using Scraps to make a border on your layouts! November 24, 2006

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Guide for Patchwork Borders:

Size Color Quantity
12 inch x 2-3/4 inch background color 1
3-1/2 inch x 1 inch Color 1 2
1-3/4 inch x 2-1/4 inch Color 1 1
2-inch x 1-inch Color 2 1
2-1/4-inch x 2-inch Color 2 1
2-inch x 1-inch Color 3 1
2-1/4 inch x 1-1/4 inch Color 3 1

Goal Setting for Scrapbooking October 15, 2006

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Some of the best free scrapbooking tips one can learn involve goal setting! Yep, you read it right.  There are so many aspects to scrapbooking, so many supplies and pages that it’s nearly impossible to complete a great scrapbook without goals.

Goal Setting For Scrapbooking:

Always set goals that are attainable and make small steps in order to reach your goals.  Once you have reached your goal, make more.

Remember, you are only human you may forget, so write them down. If you don’t reach your goal, think about what you did well and how you can improve next time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the big picture; focus only on small attainable goals.

Write specific goals at the beginning of each year. These goals could include:

•Amount of albums to start


•Specific Albums You Will Complete

•Baby – 1 7×7 for each set of grandparents

•Pregnancy – 1 for baby, 1 for yourself

•Vacation – 1 for yourself – 1 7×7 for each child

•Christmas – 1 12×12

These could be your big goals for the year. Write out the steps you need to take to reach each goal.

Goals should have deadlines. Make yourself accountable.

Be patient with yourself, keep going when you don’t feel inspired. Just change the scenery, read a book, & get ideas from different sources.

Example of Goal Setting

Goal 1 – Vacation Album – 1 12×12 for family and 1 7×7 for each child.

Each month I will sit down and commit to a 2-page layout in each album. Plus, I will do the borders for next month’s layouts.
Goal 2 – Pregnancy Album – 1 12×12

Each month I will sit down and commit to a 2-page layout. I will take pictures of all major events like hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, or your first visit to the doctors office.

After you have written out all of your goals, keep the sheet handy in your scrapbooking workspace and cross off each goal as you complete it.


The New Trends in Crafting September 5, 2006

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NewsFor those of you who are interested in knowing the latest trends and fashions, we pass along some interesting information regarding the emerging trends in paper crafts and other types of crafting. It’s certainly true that the only constant thing about crafting is constant Change…
According to the National Craft Association:

The crafting “church bazaar” look is being replaced with the more professional high-end quality look and feel of the handmade craft products being produced. Simple, elegant items that are functional and fit the trend of a more simple and modern style.

Pink will flow from the fashion world into the home décor arena. Also watch for cheerful and bright colors to follow. Pay attention as home décor designers are taking a cue from the fashion colors and designs to incorporate into their work.

The preppy look continues to grow. The look is simple and conservative. Showing small simple motifs, ribbon, embroidery and monograms.

The more modern look with more color seems to be favored over Shabby Chic. Home décor look is showing a clean finished look using warmer tones, adding more color and texture. Moving away from the chipped peeling look that was so popular.

Beading embellishments are in, from jewelry, to home décor, to fashion and accessories.

Even paper crafts are going more simple, elegant and modern. Couples are opting for making wedding stationery, invitations, thank yous and place cards for their own personal touch.

Paper Arts and Scrapbooking are hot and getting more creative thanks to the advancement of many new products. Handmade greeting cards are elegant, upscale with attention to detail.

Metal crafts no matter if it is sculpted, punched or embossed are growing in popularity.

Decorative painting is moving from the traditional into using multiple materials on one piece. Like creating a bit of a decoupage look by combining some paper, embellishments and decorative painting skills to design one unique piece.

Mixed Media Collage is the new buzz word replacing the “Altered Art” term. This term shows more staying power, more upscale and blurring the lines between craft and fine art. Watch for this to continue to grow as it is fueled by the paper crafting, embellishment, scrapbooking and collage trends we are seeing take hold.

Products are all about self indulgence, self esteem, spirituality, communication, positive energy, beauty and everything women hold dear. The looks range from frilly and romantic to modern, playing up to the empowered women.

Consumers looking to express their individuality are driving the personalization and customization trend. A hot trend artisans can take advantage of.

Mixed media collage, home accessories, paper crafts, jewelry, and apparel trends are all feeding off the trend to add embellishments like, beads, trims, ribbons, flowers, charms, buttons etc. on everything.

Quilting is not just a craft anymore, it is more of an art form. While adorning the bedroom we are also seeing it move into all areas of home décor, wall art and even Quilted paper crafting.

A more sophisticated look is emerging the style is urban, artsy, unique to the creator. And the new direction doesn’t follow a pattern which allows for a lot of creativity.

Faux decorative painting goes everywhere on wood, metal, glass, ceramic etc. Faux treatments have become easier with the new products and artisans are busy developing new ideas to create new looks.

Fueled by a younger demographic, urban style, popular culture, world events, media trends, club culture, generational shifts, fashion, and more are influencing art & craft design.

Patterns like stripes and polka dots are everywhere. Stripes are a mix of narrow and wide lines, while polka dots are usually set on a solid color background. Stripes seem to be using three to five colors, and the polka dots are in three to four colors. Modern graphic prints are being joined with romantic and nostalgic prints to give a more modern flair.

The more worldly, elegant and modern trend dominates, the safari and lodge looks are fading.

Fashion and home décor are using a mix of natural materials and textures to create a modern look.

Now you know what’s HOT and what’s on it’s way out…..


I heart… September 3, 2006

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There are some people you just love to be around. There are some people who make you laugh. There are some people who you just “click” with. That’s how I feel about Sunny and how I’ve felt about her since the first time we met. Everyone has that one girlfriend that just speaks their same language.  I have had many friends…still have many friends.  What is the difference between a friend and a sister?  Technically, a sister is a blood relative, a friend is not.  I have several VERY GOOD Friends, the kind that you could talk to every day or once a year, maybe once every other year, and no matter what…you are still the best of friends.  Those, are the greatest friends.  I believe there is one that is just a step above that…what is that kind of friend called?  I believe most people say…its your best friend.  I wonder if it is not…actually, I believe it’s more!

Sunny is one of those people who opens up and gives you the world!  She is one of the most selfless people I know.  This sometimes comes to her detriment.  Sunny is also very Creative!  Sunny has a great blog,  and a great website…check them out…

Sunny’s Blog:

Sunny’s website: