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Vintage Scrapbooking September 23, 2007

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Anissa’s Vintage Scrapbooking Layout

I was over at my girlfriends house last night, she had called me over to give me  a truckload of Scrapbooking stuff, and we got talking about scrapbooking and how most of us don’t have money to go out every month and buy all the latest and greatest tools, paper, and embellishments.  Sunny, my girlfriend, said that she was going to post on her blog about Vintage Scrapbooking.  It got me to thinking about what the defenition of Vintage Scrapbooking was.  Honestly, I really like Sunny’s version, but, I see that other people might have a different definition. 

Vintage Scrapbooking:  Using up all the old scrapbooking products that you have in your stash!  And, not having to go out and buy all the new stuff, unless its used to incorporate into your vintage scrapbooking layout!

In the little over 15 years that I have been a serious scrapbooker, I have accumulated thousands of items whether its paper, stickers (of which I have been collecting for nearly 30 yrs), embellishments, and albums (and anything else you can think of).  There are so many things like a certain paper that I wish they would have brought back into production, or a sticker or die cut, or now, some of the ribbon and other embellishments.  I think there should be a call put out to all manufacturers past and present to bring back some of the older “Vintage Scrapbooking” products that we have all loved!  I also see the need to use some of the “Vintage” products that I have been saving and thinking I would use someday, but still haven’t had the heart to use yet.

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